STELZER Mixing Solutions

We have figured it out

STELZER Mixing Solutions is one of the leading companies in agitation technology and a sought-after mixing solutions partner for project-specific process technology solutions. We have succeeded in this business since 1946. Our core business was and is the technical design and production of custom-made agitators.
Many decades of experience, research and development at our own site in Warburg have provided us with extensive process knowledge and integrated systems knowledge in a variety of sectors. The technical concept, design, production, installation and initial operation of agitators will be performed by our highly qualified staff. We rely on tested safety according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in all phases of the project.
Our STELZER and JAMIX brands provide a total of 17 agitator series to choose from. We achieve optimal results by building on our established process technology experience and on further developments based on tests under realistic conditions in our in-house laboratory in combination with CFD computer simulations. The process engineering for each agitator is individually optimised, using detailed problem and process analysis as a reliable base.